Removal of ivy remains

Removal of ivy remains

Postby mary white » Fri Jul 08, 2005 7:29 pm

Can anyone advise how to remove those irritating roots and clinging bits that remain on my walls after I have removed the ivy?
The whole LARGE house was covered in ivy which is now dead and removed, but the suckers and feelers are stuck fast to the render...all over the house.
I read that paint stripper fetches it off, but haven't got another 65 years on my side to finish the job - it would take ages to remove by hand and I don't think a pressure washer will have enough power to fetch it off - even though dead the bits are stuck FAST!
Is there a type of industrial acid solution that can be sprayed on the dead bits to fetch it off easily, or any other suggestions that don't involve manually picking off about 300 sq m of dead bits.....!
Thanks, Mary
mary white
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