Boundry fence?

Boundry fence?

Postby sean316 » Thu Jun 02, 2011 8:53 pm

Hi, hope someone can help, I think I'm right in thinking that as you look out from your house to the bottom of your garden that the wall/fence to the left is your's, but I had to replace the fence on the right too ( damaged beyond repair by the dogs of someone renting next-doors) about 12 years ago. When I put up a new fence and gate I pinched about 4" of their garden (might not sound much but our gardens are tiny) It is now time for a new fence and I don't mind paying again as it's only small and I get what I want, my problem is, is it my fence because I paid for it or is it half n half cause it is now the boundry or is it theirs because it is on their land... Thanks Sorry it's been a long day and I posted this in the wrong place. Have now posted in fences section
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