Height limit for a wall

Height limit for a wall

Postby Qrious » Wed Oct 05, 2011 9:56 am

Hi. Our garden is 1m lower than the neighbour's (on a hill) and our boundary was made up of our stone wall and a fence on his side. He had allowed wild trees to grow in the gap left between these, which were damaging the partially retaining wall, so we agreed to repair the wall and put in a more solid fence right up against it. He then changed his mind about the fence and without it, we lack screening. I have read that with height differences involved, we can put up a fence that is 2m high on his side, but can we also do this with a wall (we only want to go 1.5m on his side, but that's 2.5 on ours)? We are considering topping the wall with trellis panels once the wall reaches 2m - does this change things?

Rational discussions with the neighbour aren't possible (he has been sectioned a number of times in the past and is inconsistent from one conversation to another) which makes things difficult. We don't want to be unfair to him, but his property is literally falling apart and is an eyesore, and we know he has skipped the fence in the past to attack trees and hedges that grow well within our boundary so increasing security is important for us.
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