Excavating near party wall

Excavating near party wall

Postby LondonGarden » Wed May 23, 2012 3:38 pm


I'd be grateful for any advice on the following please.

We are going to need to excavate near an internal party wall (it's a terraced house) to build new brick piers for our lounge/diner knowck-through archway.
If we dig 'trial pits' on our side of the party wall, to determine how deep the existing party wall foundations are, who can actually dig the pits? E.g. can my builder do this, would I need a surveyor to have a look or can I just measure the depth myself?

Also, when the building works commence, we will have acrow props supporting the ceiling, which may be dug down into the ground below our floorboards. Does anyone know if the party wall act applies to temporary works such as acrow props? I had thought it applied only to new buildings and structures, e.g. my new archway.

Many thanks in advance.
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