Retaining wall looks unable to hold neighbours patio

Retaining wall looks unable to hold neighbours patio

Postby bufly » Fri Jun 29, 2012 2:34 pm


I'm a first time poster & after searching the forum I've read a lot of useful info but haven't really seen anything that was all that similar to my problem. My neighbours garden is about 2 feet higher than mine & it is being supported by what looks like concrete slabs standing on their side & buried into the ground acting as some kind of retaining wall. It looks like they are doing quite a good job of it until you get to the part where my neighbours patio is, this area has 2 slabs & is approx 2m in length. Over time the concrete has started to lean away from their patio & the top of the concrete is about 20cms away from the edge of their patio. I have casually spoke to my neighbour about it & have learned that when the patio was made (about 20 years ago) the concrete was flush against the patio so I'm assuming that the weight of the patio is pushing the slabs over.

I didn't really think it was too much of a problem considering the length of time everything has been there, but after a recent extreme downpour I've noticed what looks like a load of sand has washed out from underneath the first row of patio paving between a couple of the concrete slabs into my garden. There's clear air underneath some of the patio which can easily be seen from my garden & I'm now concerned that this could potentially be the beginning of a bigger problem & if left I'm worried that eventually my neighbours patio could end up in my garden.

I haven't seen my neighbours since I noticed this but I haven't cleared the sand away as I thought it was probably best to leave it there until we've had a chance to speak about it, I have no idea who originally put these slabs in place but I do think my neighbours will probably know as they have lived there for a long time. I've only lived in this house for a couple of years but my mother had owned this house for about 15 years before I moved in, she lives abroad now but she has a really good relationship with my neighbours & I know they Skype each other all the time so I don't want to cause any problems for my neighbours (who are both pensioners) or my mother. I'd really appreciate it if anyone could give me some advice about what I should maybe do next?
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