Small retaining wall built 1990

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Small retaining wall built 1990

Post by scatterengineer » Fri Oct 05, 2012 12:35 pm

Hi there
I constructed a small 1.2meter long by 700mm high retaining wall to stop the soil from
the neighbours garden spilling over into my garden. This was in 1990.

Whats happend now is that they have (year 2000 approx) pushed their garden back beyond the
limit of the retaining wall, built their own retaining wall to hold their garden back and
has exposed part of my gardent and soil is now seeping from my garden into theirs.

I am pretty sure that the small wall I constructed is on the boundary line, that is half on my
land half on their land, but was by verbal permission from the neighbor in 1990.

Is this classed as a Party Wall, or just a retaining wall.

I take it that I am responsible for fixing the problem, as I built the wall even though
they pushed their garden further back and built a double brick retaining wall to hold their
garden back.

Can I be refused to fix this - what is the best advice you can give me.

Best Regards
Scatter Engineer
The Scatter Engineer
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