Never told about a party wall help

Never told about a party wall help

Postby Deller12 » Mon Apr 29, 2013 10:21 am

A few years ago my neighbour built a large two story extension on the side of his detached house. The extension is 1meter away from the side of our detached house. When the planning permission came through we did not oppose it in any way as we didn’t want to fall out with the neighbour’s. I was talking to a friend the other day that is having an extension built he said he had lots of issues trying to sort out the party wall agreement. When I asked what this was he informed me that as he was digging so close to his neighbour’s house he had to apply for a party wall agreement and serve this to his neighbour. This is something that my neighbour did not do is this right? I found out at the weekend that my neighbour house is up for sale will this affect him selling the house? I am concerned that if they move and we have any issues with foundation issues will I be liable? Would this be highlighted by a surveyor looking at this for a potential buyer of the house? From what I understand the party wall agreement is to allow both party’s to have a surveyor to agree footings depths etc., this is something I knew nothing about or was advised by my neighbour where do I stand?
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