neighbour's wisteria on wall of my extension

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neighbour's wisteria on wall of my extension

Post by confusedofwim » Sat Jan 30, 2016 5:35 pm

Three years ago I bought my house, it has an extension into my back garden, and obviously the wall faces my neighbour's garden. The ndn owners have subsequently moved, I think to Italy, and there are tenants, through a lettings agency.

There is ivy and wisteria growing up the wall, ivy right to the top, wisteria not so bad at this time of the year. I spoke to the lettings agency in the autumn and again just before Christmas and was told that the garden is the tenants' responsibility, and they will be asked to remove the plants, but they have not done so. They only use the garden for letting the dog run, and when I was lucky enough to catch one of the tenants, I explained the situation and why the plants should be removed, offered to either help or lend them some tools, and was told that they would see to it. However they haven't.

Clearly I haven't seen the tenancy agreement, but it does seem to me that while the garden may be the tenants' responsibility, they certainly didn't plant climbing plants against my wall, which I believe is trespass (may be wrong here), and therefore the onus for removal falls on the owners. Who are abroad.

What should I do? It seems unlikely the tenants are going to do anything, and I have no way of directly contacting the owners, and the agent doesn't seem keen on enforcing her request. I would much prefer to maintain a reasonable relationship with all parties, but I don't want invasive plants on my wall. I've had problems with ivy in a previous house and really don't want it again.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Re: neighbour's wisteria on wall of my extension

Post by despair » Sun May 01, 2016 5:19 pm

since the ivy and wisteria could enter your roofspace and cause damage and should never have been allowed to be attached to your wall anyway you are well within your rights to insist they are cut back or removed completely

I suggest a strong letter to the agents warning them that they and their client will be charged with all damage that occurs as a result and that you want things fixed in 14 days

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Re: neighbour's wisteria on wall of my extension

Post by cleo5 » Sun May 01, 2016 7:20 pm

Is your extension wall entirely on your own land? Or does it continue on from your shared house wall?
If the houses are semis then has it now become a party wall?
The rules seem different if it's a party wall.

If no action after your letter has been received then maybe a solicitor's letter to the owner via the letting agent would have more effect. You could say if it is not removed within a week you will arrange to have it removed and send them the bill- but then you need access permission.

I don't know how the law works= but if either plant pokes it's head within your sight/reach I would be inclined to dab the top with Roundup or some other systemic killer and keep fingers crossed.

Besides it's your wall and not there for the benefit of neighboours.
Wisteria is lovely and shame to kill it but it must have been attached to the wall by wires or trellis.

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Re: neighbour's wisteria on wall of my extension

Post by Roblewis » Sun May 01, 2016 10:14 pm

Me I would go for glyophosphate on the overhanging branches and plant my own wisteria if wanted one. I like plants attached to my wall to be under my control

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