Retaining Wall: Obligations

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Retaining Wall: Obligations

Post by richard3814 » Tue Aug 23, 2016 11:53 am

I'm in the middle of "designing" a 1.2 or perhaps 1.3 meter high , 6 meter long retaining wall at the boundary at the back of my garden. Because it is a simple retaining wall and below a certain height the project is exempt from local building control.

However, clearly there is responsibility to put up a safe retaining wall. The wall could cause serious injury if it were to fail.

* What would or could show the required responsibility?

* Are there any legal codes or construction requirements involved?

I am minded to put up a king post wall, with railway sleepers.

Thanks. Rich

Edit: I have come across: "A retaining wall can be built from basic principles - a sound foundation, and a normal wall - the wall thicker at the base if need be." Which information you can it seems get from just scouring the internet.

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Re: Retaining Wall: Obligations

Post by jonahinoz » Tue Aug 23, 2016 8:16 pm

Hi Rich,

My understanding is that a house wall being used to retain the surrounding planet (eg ... a basement wall) should be twice as thick as the ground level above ... a 2 metre high wall needs to be 1 metre thick at the base, but can taper as it gets nearer the surface. A structural engineer may find ways to build a thinner wall. I have read that BCO sometimes assume they have discretion to allow a wall only a third the thickness of it's height.

So ... 50% is the thickness to get under.

I think Google have something to say on the matter, including timber retaining walls. I can't remember what questions I asked of Google.

I suspect it would be a good idea to ensure your retaining wall does not double as a dam.

John W

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