Retaining Wall made of Logs

Retaining Wall made of Logs

Postby StuartEccles » Fri Mar 10, 2017 2:18 pm

I have lived at my property since December 2007. Charles Church the developers decided to build a retaining wall with log pillars and this in time has rotted away to the point that the pillars are falling away from the wall they are supposed to support.

I have engaged NHBC who have confirmed that we are not covered Under Section 2 of their policy because it doesn't include retaining walls.

I also tried to claim under Section 3 of their policy because we clearly documented our concern in our early snagging lists to Charles Church that it would rot. Again NHBC were provided this documentation and denied our claim because the rotting did not take place in the first 2yrs despite us clearly stating that the logs would rot 1 month after moving in.

My next course of action is to pursue Charles Church but thought that I would post this and wonder whether any of your followers has been involved in something similar.

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