Low wall & coping stones

Low wall & coping stones

Postby worriedhomeowner » Mon May 22, 2017 4:39 pm

We live on a steep hill, so neighbours property is lower down the hill than ours. They removed a garden retaining wall when they built their extension (another story) and replaced it with a much thicker, but much lower wall, about 2' my side, leaving a 5' drop from top of wall to concrete floor his side. Then put a very lovely flat coping stone, that overhangs into our property.

My question is: Is there a minimum height the wall should have been built at, considering the drop the other side. The previous wall was higher, at least waist height. I have a 4 year old and the wall is just saying "climb on me". To me it is shouting "Broken limbs" My wife is not steady on her feet and feels like she has vertigo when goes outside. I would put a fence up, but their coping stones means it's going to eat further into my garden. Can I request the coping stone be removed, give them a time limit and then cut them back if not. Also, we can't leave the back door open, in case my boy goes out there, unattended, not what a garden is mean't to be.

Said neighbour is already not in my good books as his builders (not him apparently) took upon themselves to come into my property (tresspass) plug their hose into my outside tap. as was having the kitchen fitted, so no water, caught in the act, bang to rights. On water meter, so had a lovely £500 bill come through the door, which we then had to go and chase him for to pay a big chunk of. He has also fitted a extractor fan, air vent onto my property, actually churning out fumes straight into my back door, again the cover had to be fitted from my property side for it to be there. So very much treading on thin ice.

I have contacted the council, waiting on a response, but if any of you can advise, that would be great.

If my wife had her way, she would go in guns blazing, but I am trying to keep the peace, as we do have to live there.
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Re: Low wall & coping stones

Postby Collaborate » Mon May 22, 2017 6:07 pm

I'm not aware of any regulations, but as you say, you can always build a fence on your side.

Could you do a deal with your neighbour that sees you erect the fence on top of their wall? I agree that they should remove the overhang if you have not given permission, and it seems reasonable for you to slice it off yourself if they refuse to do so. It is simply you abating a trespass.

I would also, if I were you, block up their vent. They shouldn't be venting anything out on to your property. After a while (20 years) they might acquire the legal right to vent over your property, which would prevent you building there.
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