New Extension Close to Neighbours - Party Wall Act

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New Extension Close to Neighbours - Party Wall Act

Post by kiteboy » Wed May 09, 2018 10:30 am

Hi all

We are in the process of getting a builder to build our extension that we desperately need. We have planning approval in place but one of this issues that keeps cropping up with builders is the next door neighbours extension (which was there when we moved in 10 year ago) its built right on the boundary. He has a flat roof on his and we are hoping to put on a pitched roof with gable end on our extension

The problem is how to put the guttering on the eaves closet to next door neighbours extension. Basically the end of our roof would be below next doors eave height - it was be difficult to get a man and drill in there to attach anything to the roof

So one of the potential solutions that builders have mention is to put in a box gutter and have that supported by the neighbours eixsting that would mean slicing into his existing extension which personally I dont think i would even go for really so I doubt he would like that situation too

Either way I now gather I need to tell them about the works under the party wall act which I didnt know until now.......but just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or knows of any building solutions really - Im no guttering expert but I am becomming one slowly :)

If it cant be done I guess we would have to go for a flat roof and be happy at that!

Thanks all

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Re: New Extension Close to Neighbours - Party Wall Act

Post by ukmicky » Thu May 10, 2018 12:49 am

If you building that close ,unless you are going to use a raft foundation the 3 meter rule will come into play so you should be using the party wall act not just so you can insert flashing. Using the party wall will mean they can hire a surveyor at your cost but you will just need to factor that into your build costs.
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Re: New Extension Close to Neighbours - Party Wall Act

Post by despair » Thu May 10, 2018 7:42 pm

Cannot see why your extention cannot be that little bit higher to allow guttering to be above neighbours flat roof

Have you checked that their wall is not encroaching over the boundary

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