boundary advice needed

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boundary advice needed

Post by Milliechip » Thu Jun 06, 2019 11:00 am

Last year we had our garden landscaped. We hired a professional landscape gardener and are very pleased with the result.
Unfortunately our neighbours are far from happy even though we informed them of our plan to do the work. . Their garden as always been 3 feet lower than ours. There is a retaining wall approx 30 feet long. Then an 18 ft gap before the ground is slightly higher for approx 12 ft.
The neighbours have concrete posts, gravel boards and fence panels on top. They filmed and photographed our workmen during the job. when it was almost complete they demanded we stop work. they claim that the wall is the original boundary and belongs to them. They claim they erected the fence 15 years ago as a temporary measure and always intended to continue the wall the next 18 ft. We were under the impression that the wall was ours because it retains our garden.
They have been hostile from the start. No solution was discussed because all they do is shout and threaten legal action. They have asked for compensation and have made physical threats to me and my husband. Our daughter is terrified. The intimidation techniques are way too many to mention. They send us long unpleasant letters. The police say it's bordering on harassment and have warned them off. We have had to leave what I can only call a trench supported on our side by corrugated sheets.
We have told them to go ahead and build the wall, we really don't care about a wall.
They have started collecting reclaimed bricks.
The main problem is that they intend to remove the concrete supports from our old shed. These are what we attached the corrugated panels to. So if they move them our garden will collapse taking our plants with it.
What can we do?
If our garden should collapses they say it's our fault and we will have to remove it from their property. We are concerned that they will do it deliberately with further claims for compensation. They seem to be intent on getting money.
The police say it's a civil matter. Please don't suggest we try to talk to them because it's gone way to far for that.

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Re: boundary advice needed

Post by ukmicky » Thu Jun 06, 2019 11:08 pm

Can we see a picture of the wall but more importantly the concrete shed supports so we can see what they want to remove and how it will cause your garden to collapse.

The firs5 step if your worried is a letter from a solicitor warning them you will sue them in court and claim substantial damages plus all your court costs should they do what they are planning to do.
Any information provided is not legal advice and you are advised to gain a professional opinion

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Re: boundary advice needed

Post by Milliechip » Fri Jun 07, 2019 7:43 pm

Unfortunately I've tried to attach picture but it doesn't seem to work.
I'll try to give more detail.
The existing wall is approx 6 inches wide. Where it ends there is a brick built pillar on a concrete base. The pillar is butted up to the wall. Its approx 12 inches by 15 inches. 12 inches of this is in what my neighbours deem in their property and 3 inches inside my property line. The next pillar is similar to the first and is about 6 feet from the first.
On our side we leaned the corrugated sheets against the pillars and hammered a number of wooden stakes into the ground along the length of the sheets. The one sheet is already bowing.
The existing trench between the sheeting and their gravel boards is 18 inches wide and 2 1/2 feet deep. We planted a hedge hoping the roots would help to hold the soil but they have only been in about 11 months. Before we started the work the garden was slabbed and where the shed stood it was very compacted. Obviously this was all dug over and improved for planting leaving it quite loose.
By the time the neighbours have removed their existing fence, built a wall and placed a fence on top they will have gained 3 inches. The width of a fence post. The wall will consist of a variety of colours and sizes of bricks. Aesthetically I can't imagine it would be attractive to look at. I really don't understand why they are doing this for such little gain and so much trouble.

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Re: boundary advice needed

Post by SwitchRich » Fri Jun 21, 2019 11:51 am

If you make a couple more posts on this thread then you account will automatically be enabled to post pictures.
So just post something random a few times and then try and post the picture. You will get some great help on this site from some very knowledgeable and giving people. UkMicky is definitely one of them so do take the time to post the pics :)

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