can anyone help

can anyone help

Postby buv » Fri Jul 01, 2005 6:23 pm

I have been reading some of the strings regarding retaining walls. My house sits 2 ft above my neighbours property at the front, our two houses are on a corner plot. My neighbour wants to cut his half of the property away along the boundry line. This will narrow the gap to my side gate by cutting across this gate. My question is this. If he cuts back to the boundry line would this then become a party wall, I do not agree with what he is doing as the drop has moved across the gate and would cause a danger to my children, I have recently had my drive block paved. if he cuts to the boundry he may damage my paving, could I make him pay for any damage. as the higher property i have read theat I am responsible for the retaining wall, yet it is mainly on their property, could anyone give me any info.. Thanks
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