Dangerous Dog in garden

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Re: Dangerous Dog in garden

Post by ArtsApart » Wed Jun 03, 2009 9:32 pm

Jim1984 wrote:Hi all, i am a newbie. Here is my story.

Next door but one to me have a "pitbull" dog ,on many occasions this dog has been in my back garden, causing problems with my own dog. The dog has no collar and can jump fences like they aren't there.

Last summer the final straw came when i was on my driveway about to walk my dog when the dog attacked without provacation. After taking my dog to the vet and £60 later i confronted my neighbour and said that he needed to do somthing about his dog. At the time he seemed to agree and said he would chain it up. However it turns out he has done nothing, this summer has arrived and the dog is appearing in my garden again, thus meaning i can't let my dog out for fear of her being attacked, and even my girlfriend wont hang the washing out without me being there incase it comes in the garden.

Has anyone else had a sililar problem?
I sympathise with you totally, we too have a dangerous dog situation and neighbours that do nothing about it....Our very unfriendly neighbour has a dog that she allows to roam around on her property without any control . The only problem is itdoesn't stay on her property it goes and hangs out with the other neighbours dog and plays nicely with his child and dog. It also comes onto my property, uninvited, the problem is the dog isaggressive towards my family and I. It always has been right from when it arrived here and the owner swears that I have provoked it and made it this way towards me when in fact the opposite is true, she has on more than one occasion insighted her dog to attack verbally and on one occasion when it was hassling me she failed to call the dog to heal and just stood there laughing at the dogs behaviour and my response to it, there was a friend of hers present at the time and it was he who actually called the dog toabeyance in the end. We have to be careful everytime we go to our car as it is on a shared forecourt which of course this womans dog patrols, she will sometimes even open the door and shove it out just as we are getting in or out of our vehicle and my children are both scared stiff of the animal as it always barks and growls at us as we are doing this. As you can inagain its no fun turning your back on a na animal that you cant trust as you are truying to struggle with two small children and child seats! This dog can also jump fences and gates quick as a flip and has also been in my field worrying my stock (i keep geese) ven killed some of them I think but I cant prove it. The dog warden has been informed about this dogs behaviour and the lack of control from the owner on more than one occasion as have the police and local council. it has bitten on more than one occasion 4 that we know of and prevented one of our friends from visiting our house for fear of a dog attack as there is never anyone around to control the animal she is particularlysensitive as she has been attacked before as has my partner. one of the attacks was on the post man he said that his leg wept for three weeks after theattack and it was quite severe, he received £500.00 compensation from the owner and we still have a dog that sometimes plays nicely and sometimes bites so we never really know how it is going to respond, roaming around on our property as and when it wants too with none of theauthorities doing diddle squat about it, despite the noises we have made about our concerns for our two young children, especially as one day we opened our door to find both neighbours dogs confronting us and snarling at as when our young son had only ten minutes before been playing outside alone!...We have had mediation over this situation and others with our neighbour and their suggestion was that we try to make friends with the neighbours dog perhaps offering a bit of food when we go to our car trouble is the woman who owns the dog is so warpped we really dont want anything to do with her or her animals and we expalined to them that if her dog should fall ill or something she would be sure to accuse us of poisioning it as she is that type of person and the dog warden suggested that wedon't act aggressively towards it ie defending ourselves when it comes towards us so as not scare it or some stupid similar censored to that! I am sorry Mrs if a dog is coming at me heckles up I am going to defend myself not turn and run and get my ass bit off........so I really know what you are going through sorry about my very long rant.............

Ps Be warned this is another rant but a relevant one

the last time we raised issue about the dogs of hers hanging around our car, we got assulted by the neighbour ....again the police did nothing. We were filming our conversation with her, as we have to try to gain independant whitness to any activities that go on here as we live ruraly. My partner was holding my young daughter in her arms with the video camera in her hand, my neighbour protested at this and said it was illigal to film her, to which I replied that "it was illigal to take photographs of my children in our vehicle" which she has done before (scaring them half to death) to which she replied "that it was not in fact she could take a close up and thats what she would do" she then approched my partner knocking the camera down, so that she could thrust her camera in my 2.5 year old daughters face and take a picture of her ....the worrying thing is this woman teaches chldren wouldnt you think she would know not to scare the living daylights out of them be behaving in such a manner or take pictures of them without permission on their own property (ie inside the car)......we have this on film but the police will do nothing....so the point is if you politly ask for them to control their dogs you suffer abuse for doing so

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Re: Dangerous Dog in garden

Post by Slodown » Wed Mar 07, 2012 10:59 pm

Similar thing happened to us:
Huge Rottweiler jumped into garden thus trapping itself
Proceeded to chew and remove pieces of garden gate / fence posts
I shudder to think what those jaws could do to a child - or to an adult
Phoned police "Sorry we can't help"
They gave me dog-warden's number
Recorded message "Opening hours are 8am to 6pm"
This was at 11pm so not much use
Does someone have to be injured before action is taken?
Makes me wonder where taxes go

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Re: Dangerous Dog in garden

Post by impatiens » Mon Sep 04, 2017 7:33 pm

ukmickey pitbulls ARE a banned breed.They cannot be bred, sold or given away. You can put one on the Exempt register,when it has to be microchipped,tattoed, neutered and insured,and wear a muzzle and be on a 3 metre lead when exercised.If the law is followed there should be none in this country now!

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Re: Dangerous Dog in garden

Post by mugwump » Mon Sep 04, 2017 9:20 pm

You do realise that the post previous to yours is over 5 years old?

And the post before that one is 8 years old?

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Re: Dangerous Dog in garden

Post by jonahinoz » Tue Sep 05, 2017 5:57 pm


Log onto http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/3 ... uk-and-why

A neighbour claimed to have an American Pit Bull. It caught my dog by the throat. The owner said it would not let go until my dog was dead ... and stood their waiting. My wife smacked it between the eyes with a house brick. It let go. My dog was OK, tooth mark through his collar. About a week later, 3AM, all hell broke loose. Police cars, police dog handlers, ambulance. The owner had come home, walked in ... and his dog had him. A police marksman sorted it out. All happens in the Swansea Valley.

SWMBO wondered if she had damaged the dogs brain.

John W

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Re: Dangerous Dog in garden

Post by jonahinoz » Tue Sep 18, 2018 8:48 am


Some years ago, a neighbour had a dog that he described as a pit-bull. It grabbed my dog by the throat. Neighbour stood there, said his dog would not let go until my dog was dead. My wife and a friend tried to release our dog, to no avail... until my wife hit it "between the eyes" with a house brick. It let go.

Two weeks later, 3AM, all hell was let loose, police cars, ambulance, police dog handlers van. Neighbour had come home after a night out, and his dog had him ... 15 stitches in his arm. A police marksman shot the dog. It all happens in the Swansea Valley.

My wife was worried that she had damaged the dog's brain, so it was her fault.

John W

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