anybody there who actually likes cats and hates prikka??

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Post by CoffeeDrinker » Sun Feb 24, 2013 9:36 pm

madmoggy wrote:
thin and crispy wrote:
madmoggy wrote:badgers do much more damage in my garden, and nothing can be done about that...
Try urine, madmoggy. In my experience it works well and you only need to do it for a few weeks until you have broken the badgers' habit.
thanks for that - so i take it you're an experienced garden piddler?

i wonder what the neighbour will think about us if she sees us all out on the front lawn answering the call of nature!! but definitely worth a try after dark at least...

as to the birds, we get them every spring nesting in the eaves of the house, leaving masses of droppings on the window sill, as well as the usual year round droppings all over the car - lovely in summer when it dries hard and you have to practically chip it off...

but we love birds so wouldn't think of taking the nest out, and the cat has constant entertainment sitting inside watching them coming and going through the window - kitty-kat tv!!

anyway, i still don't understand all the moaning about cat p0o on this board - we have two cats and several others around the neighbourhood and i can't remember the last time i saw a turd anywhere...

so i do wonder if it's all a bit of exaggeration.
the arguement re birds is nonsense. No one owns the birds. someone usually owns the cat and does not take responsibility.And the only thing you lovers can do is makle fun of any argument you do not agrees with. If you want to ahve something be responsible for it and if not responsible do not have. No one has the birds or badgers. Cat owners want all rights and no responsibilities. Go to Canada

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Re: anybody there who actually likes cats and hates prikka??

Post by offdownmeshed » Sun Mar 03, 2013 9:20 am

Go to Canada!!! Are you mad? In Canada they have bears, with bigger claws and much bigger and smellier censored.

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Re: anybody there who actually likes cats and hates prikka??

Post by FilthWizzard » Tue Aug 28, 2018 1:21 pm

Just adding this as a humane approach, though the thread is old I thought it might be helpful as the issue is ever present. Now, snaring ie. rabbits on your property is legal (but not very pleasant so I don't suggest you actually do it). If you put up a sign that your neighbours can see that warns of rabbit shares on your property (you do not actually have to put such horrors down, which would not be humane at all) then you will likely find it easy to train local cat owners to keep their pets in at night. Please note that it is not legal to trap pets, just unprotected wild animals like rabbits. It is understood that a pet may get caught unintentionally though so snare users need to check once a day in case such need to be released. It is not even recommended to any right thinking individual to snare game as there are better, less distressing approaches for hunters. Signs, on the other hand, are an easy and humane way to discourage without needing to resort to painful spikes or loud cat alarms etc. Train the owners, not the cats. It's their responsibility after all, and they can also learn.

Some may not like the idea, but it is much better than having a go at the poor cat who really doesn't know any better. Any owner who ignores such signs probably doesn't give a fig about their cat anyway.

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Re: anybody there who actually likes cats and hates prikka??

Post by FilthWizzard » Tue Aug 28, 2018 6:10 pm

Another owner training idea, to apply to the neighbour you have an otherwise good relationship with, is to start treating the cat really well. Have plenty of treats in, and a litter tray! Instead of having at the thing in the garden, let it in and spoil it rotten and teach it to use the litter tray. If your neighbour wonders where their cat went, explain it seems to have decided it prefers living with you. Point out that cats are free spirits and just can't be controlled, cat owners often love this characterisation of their favourite critters. Of course hand it back, and of course tempt it back in the moment it returns to your garden which it certainly will now it knows how much you love it and will spoil it. Keep teaching it how to use a litter tray whilst you're at it. Eventually the previous owner will get tired of reclaiming the cat and will either give in (you now have a cat to sell, or eventually pass to the old cats home or whatever is done with the things) or will decide it's best not to allow the cat to visit you so often so they can compete more easily for it's affections. It will be better trained too, since you've been on the job. One risk is that they get another cat to replace it. No, you don't need to adopt that one too, because now you have a well trained cat that won't mess in the garden and will keep the neighbour's cat away.

The most likely outcome though, is that the owner decides not to let their free-spirit freely mess in your garden. Owner training is certainly the key here.

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