Paevo out of date? Amnesty!

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Paevo out of date? Amnesty!

Post by w3526602 » Mon May 23, 2011 5:47 pm


We took Blitz to have his glands squezed last week, and realised that his Parvo injections are way out of date. So returned today to rectify the matter.

The nice man told us that the drugs company are having an amnesty for people like us. Apparently today's jab was charged as a booster, and the jab in two weeks time wil be free.

Can't be bad, but still no change from £40. His Rabies booster is due in December.

My neighbour told me he found two lumps on his black Lab, so off to the vet. One lump was fatty tissue, the other was dermatitus. ????

The vet told him he had to pay two excesses on his insurance, because they were two seperate matters. Yeah ...... like two consultations, two theatre slots, two anaesthetics, etc. Whatever, that vet has lost a punter ...... sorry, client.

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