Cats catch mice

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Re: Cats catch mice

Post by kwhite » Mon Oct 31, 2011 1:03 pm

ukmicky wrote:Why the hell do they not eat them ,why bring them home and display them like a trophy. .

I have a field behind me, and everyday my cat brings one in and proudly leaves it on the dining room floor.

Today it left it on the the dinning room ,the beige woollen rug and the chairs ,its amazing how much mess a decapitated and gutted mouse can make.

Sorry just thought i would share, like the cat
It's instinct (I assume so anyway, cos no one taught him to do it).

Some people on this forum think all natural instinct should be beaten out of animals.
ukmicky wrote:No dogs require walking and mess in their own gardens :)
Yeah, lets get a cat instead and chuck it outside and shoo it onto other peoples property to do its crap.

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Re: Cats catch mice

Post by jonahinoz » Wed Nov 02, 2011 7:39 am

As for dogs, one of my dogs growing up would wolf his food down, be sick, then eat it.

Mummy dog catches her rabbit, eats it, returns home and regurgitates it, so the pups can eat it. Dogs vomit just to pass the time between meals.

Rabbits eat their own droppings, to get the last bit of goodness (?) out of their food .... part of their digestive process. First time the droppings are fairly soft and moist. Second time they are dry and hard, much nicer to handle. :D Anybody remember Blackadders voyage to find a new world, and Baldrick asking something like "Do we drink our own, or each others?"

My wife watched a rabbit drop dead because a dog barked through a wrought iron gate at it. My friend's goose was run over (in the road) by a HGV. It was still alive, but died before she could fetch a spade. We have had several sparrows fly into our front window. They just lie on the window sill, and disappear soon after. Do they recover, or is a cat watching, just in case?

We bought half a dozen goldfish, about 2" long. They grew to about 5", then started to disappear, one at a time. Cats? Heron? Kids? Then one day, I found my stupid, "couldn't catch a cold" German Shepherd munching one in the middle of the lawn. But he never caught the last one, which is now about 8" long.

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