Birds of Prey

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Re: Birds of Prey

Postby WILL*REMAIN*STRONG » Thu Jan 19, 2012 5:11 pm

I think it would be hard to complain about muck, as birds in general are mucky, including the ones no one has any control over.

I also cannot see how the birds, if attached to his arm, could be a danger to you?
It would be costly to take this to court, better to appeal to his good side and ask him to be more considerate when transporting the birds over the ROW.

I would be thrilled to see such birds, but I suppose they are not everyone’s cup of tea as an immediate neighbour.
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Re: Birds of Prey

Postby mr sheen » Thu Jan 19, 2012 5:28 pm

Tim39 wrote:So I can only request he put the bird in a box, I cannot tell him? even though it could attack us and drops muck on the pathways? which can be walked into our home?

You can't dictate what he does on his ROW in the passing and repassing along it. He is passing along his ROW with his bird to and from his own property and that is his right. Unless the ROW is covered and enclosed, there will be bird muck on it, so you have no case there. As long as the bird is 'under control', he can take it with him as he passes and repasses. You say it 'could' attack you, so it hasn't attacked you and if this was an argument for animals, no dogs or cats would be allowed at all since they 'could' attack someone, so no case there either.
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