Horse encroached on my garden

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Horse encroached on my garden

Post by Jackboyo » Mon Nov 12, 2012 11:45 am

Had a serious problem last week finding a horse banging into my patio doors in the middle of the night.

There is a field alongside my back garden which extends alongside and across my back garden, probably about 300 foot in total. This has been leased by the local council for horse grazing for nearly as long as I have lived there (13 years). There have been no problems until about 2 months ago when different people have started grazing their horses there.

There was a small pond in the field at the far end of my garden which has since had the streams entering it diverted, so the pond has more or less dried up. This is where I think the horse entered my garden.

I am very concerned as I have a five year old daughter who plays in the garden. The rest of the walls are quite low around the garden, about 3 foot and I have often had to tell my daughter off from trying to feed the horses (with grass) when they reach their heads over. There are also a lot of trees/bushes around the boundary of the property which the horses are enjoying.

I had to suffer the backlash from the horse owner last week, accusing me of not making my boundary secure and saying that it was my fault the horse got into my garden.

One other point, my cats have started bringing dead rats to the back door, something which I have never encountered before and has only started happening in the last month or so. I am just wondering if these rats are being attracted by the horse feed that is put out every day in buckets about 15 foot from my back door. Seens too much of a coincidence.

So who should be liable for stopping these horses getting in my garden. The local council, who lease the field, the horse owners or myself?

If it was up to me I would probaly put up a wire fence about a metre away from my boundary, at great cost, but it would be encroaching on council land.

Where do I stand here as safety of my daughter is of the greatest impotance?

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Re: Horse encroached on my garden

Post by despair » Mon Nov 12, 2012 12:47 pm

Animal /livestock owners are 100% responsible for preventing their animals (excluding cats) from escaping /getting into your land

Equally if horse food is attracting rats the person putting out the feed is responsible for failure to monitor matters properly

i would start by contacting the Councils Environment officer

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