Advise on chickens and dog

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Advise on chickens and dog

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Hi all,

This is a bit complicated so i apologise in advance.

We live in an end terrace house in a row of 8 houses. Alongside the fence runs a loke/drive which accesses all of the houses from the rear - basically used by the residents to access car parking and garages. It is a private road, only used by those residents.

This morning our 3 chickens squeezed through the hedge to go for a stratch on the loke. Our fault - we didn't think they could get through and today we went and bought fencing to sort that problem out asap. the chickens will be kept in their run until this is done.

One of our neighbours has 2 small dogs which she exercises up an down the loke quite a lot - no problem as far as I am concerned, one of which is kept on a lead at all times the other off the lead. Not long after we moved the chickens in my husband witnessed her allowing the dogs to batter the fence that separates our garden from the loke to try and get at the chickens. Once she saw him watching she moved off. Unfortunately this morning the chickens were in front of them and the one off the lead went for them. My husband heard the commotion and went out - nothing was said initially as her dog had legged it and we had no idea where the chickens were. Once we had located one wedged in the hedge she volunteered that that dog had been chasing the chickens. They were not able to find the dog for about half an hour. Once located my husband asked if the dog was ok and whether they would just give us a hand to find the chickens. They refused and we have not seen or heard from them since, other than her son asking if they had turned up when he walked past. I managed to locate 2 but one is still missing - we have no idea whether she was caught, bitten, or just spooked.

Now I blame myself for the chickens not being secure in our garden, clearly we were to blame there - they will not be allowed to free range again until the gap at the bottom of the hedging (half garden is hedged and half fenced) is fixed. However that dog was completely out of control, did not respond to any commands ran off, I don't know whether it was with my chicken or not. We have had no comment, acknowledgement, apology or even explanation of what happened. I do not intend to try and make trouble but that dog does worry me - I have young children, a cat, a dog etc. I will endeavour to make sure my garden is completely secure from now on. My husband went round earlier to ask them what happened - not to start a row but just to understand what may have happened to Lacey. They were in but didn't answer. I should also say I love my chickens.

What do we do? I have a dog, I keep him under control. If I was walking him down that shared driveway and he chased a cat/chicken/rabbit etc I would be mortified if he so blatently ignored my commands. Any advice about how to approach this or do we just leave it all unsaid as she is obviously eager to do. I am apprehensive about saying anything as I know my other neighbours have all had problems with her, the dogs, her cat etc.

Thanks in advance! Sorry for the essay!
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Re: Advise on chickens and dog

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If nothing else, your mail on this forum is a record of the event.

My understanding is that your chickens are "livestock" (you eat their eggs?) and a dog worrying livestock (even just by frowning at them) can be in deep do-do. I'm not sure about what happens after the event. Try a Google. But unless you can prove anything, not a lot is going to happen. If you report it to the police, you will probably be asked to identify the dog, and it's owners will be told to keep it under control. Not good for good relations with your neighbours, particularly if other neighbours take sides. I would expect that dog to be on a leash next time you see it. If not, suggest it.

I have had chicken killed, in my garden, by a neighbours dog. He apologised. I felt that a dead chicken was not as bad as a dead chicken and a dead dog. My attitude might have changed if it had happened again.

Cats are neither livestock, nor domestic.

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Re: Advise on chickens and dog

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Dog chases chicken?

First World problem.
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