Can I kill a peacock on my land?

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Google "Peacocks for rent" :idea:
Someone wanted to rent some for her wedding :roll:
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I live on the edge of a large housing estate and behind us is a farm house which has relatively new occupants. Not only do we have to contend with their dog barking all day and evening but they have now got 4 peacocks. They screech day and night - having the windows open at night is a no no and now have started roaming the back gardens of all my neighbours. I have an 18 month old and am very worried now about leaving her in the garden. Help!! Are there laws re the noise they make all night or about the fact they are in our gardens eating our plants etc? Think I might phone the council tomorrow
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Well apparently peacocks are abit of a delicacy over in Shanghai so why dont you bag them up and ship them out :D ... i24-1.html

(When you click on it - it asks you to install a language pack - just click on cancel and it comes up)
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If the peacocks are roaming around I will make the prediction that they will disappear due to foxes. It will be a few weeks but, don't worry, they won't last.

When people move into these houses, who are not used to the countryside and how predators operate, they buy peacocks because of the romantic image. After they get nobbled they usually give up. :wink:
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how true, my friend gained one, beautiful white one, no one knows whoit belonged too. lived with them for a while, roosted in the trees then took to sleeping on the ground.........3 days, foxed!!
i don't know the law, but am quite 'well informed!'
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