Neighbours cats killed my moorhens

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Neighbours cats killed my moorhens

Post by JUST MAX »

I have nesting moorhens on my pond which hatched out this week. The parent birds have been taking the chicks across a short distance of grass to a stream that boarders my property, and back again to the pond.

This morning I watched at 6.00am, only to see one of the neighbours cats tear into the family of birds and kill. It definitely killed one chick. I notice that there is only one chick left alive.

I cannot prove that the cats have killed all the birds, however my neighbours have 4 cats causing mayhem to the birds and animals in my garden and field.

What can I do? I'm sure this topic has been discussed many times before but why are these cats allowed to roam around as killing machines; particularly at night and early morning? Does anyone know of an anti-cat pressure group?
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Post by subjecttocontract »

Try and persuade your neighbour to fit collars with bells attached. This will seriously limit the cats ability to make a pre emptive strike on its prey.
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Post by stringrae »

Oh that is awful - STC has made a great suggestion - bells would definitely help. I have 2 cats - I lock them in from dusk to dawn just to stop them hunting and being hunted.... other nasty tom cats round here and foxes.

So sad.
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Post by ohflip! »

Hi, for about £20.00 from a Garden Center, you can buy an electronic cat deterrent.

I bought one when I has young chickens, worked a treat, basically it sends out a noise that cats don't like, it has a good range on it but depending on the size of your garden you may need a couple, anyway, worth a look.
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Post by Mattylad »

How about get rid of the moorhens & get yourself some bigger cats instead? :D
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Mattylad wrote:How about get rid of the moorhens & get yourself some bigger cats instead? :D
Yeah! Or get a dog that will chase cats out of the garden and treat the hens as its babies. :D
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