Keeping hens

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Keeping hens

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I am thinking of getting an Eglu hen house. Has anyone got one and what do they think?
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We've got a purple Eglu Cube. :D It was one of the first ones made, we've had it just over a year.
I'm told it's easy to clean - as I've already got plenty of other pets to care for, the chickens are my hubby's to look after. It took just a couple of days for the hens to work out how to get in; to start with we had to lift them. The only things that are a little tricky are closing the roof (no handle to pull, so have to walk round and push it to slide shut), and the pen is permanently attached with just the little door - so there's no way in for anything person-sized! That's not really been an issue, I think if we really needed to get in to say, clean the front of the Cube, then we probably could wiggle through the mini-doorway...
I'm happy with it, it feels like it will last and seems very secure against foxes etc. which was one of the main things I was worried about before we got the chickies. Go shop!
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