Cherry Tree Roots

Cherry Tree Roots

Postby Waggie » Sun Feb 27, 2011 12:04 am

Just over thirty years ago the County Council planted a cherry tree about 15 feet outside my house. Since then the tree roots have become a nuisance. Over the years I have paid to have these roots dug out from my property. There are so many roots I have very little soil left.
The final straw came when these roots uplifted the path to my front door. The tree itself has risen 18inch out of the pavement.
I complained to the County Council and finally they sent a surveyor. He asked for 2 quotes to remove these roots from my garden. The CC have now taken the tree down and have laid tarmac over where the tree was.
Small suckers are all over my front garden and in the school property next door to me. I am worried that these suckers and their roots will encroach upon my property in later years again.
The county council have offered to pay £444 (the lowest quote) only if I sign a disclaimer document which states they are not liable for the damage and that I will not claim again if there is further (alleged) damage.
What are the chances of subsidence (under the kitchen where the roots are heading) when these roots wither away. We are situated on heavy clay and Permian limestone.
Would appreciate any thoughts on this.....
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