tree roots damage

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tree roots damage

Post by jacksm220 » Fri Jun 05, 2015 10:07 pm


I am new to this poll and have a few questions.

1, can the police have a word with the neighbors/deal with the matter if the neighbours are not willing to chop the trees down due to roots damaging property ?
2, How long does it take to solve a civil matter regarding taking neighbors to court to claim back damages ? Is it usually within a year ?
3, How long do solicitors take to act to send a warning letter to the neighbors to get rid of the tree or deal with the roots issue

I would like to consider my options based on what is discussed here.

Based in Edinburgh

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Re: tree roots damage

Post by arsie » Sat Jun 06, 2015 12:00 am

Hi Jack

Well done for mentioning you are in Scotland. This site is England+Wales only. The law is different. With that proviso ...

1. Damage as you describe is civil matter not criminal so the police would not want to know
2. I would think within a year would be pushing it. You need expert reports to prove etc etc
3. A solicitor will send a letter as quickly as you tell them to!

Such a warning letter would put a stake in the ground so to speak and put your neighbour on notice that he/she is causing damage. That said, trees will grow and they do have roots, which is just nature and any court - even in Scotland - would take that into account. Perhaps a cautious initial letter from you personally would be better first. Some people are spooked easily.

An initial step would be to commission an experienced surveyor to check and report. It may be possible to install a root barrier but it sounds as if it may be too late, from your initial post.

How close is the tree? Is it maintained? What species/size? How long has it been there? How long has your house/garage or whatever you think is being affected been there? What is the damage?

Pictures would be good but (a) you have to make 3 posts first and (b) best use a free hosting site and post links, this site's facilities and capacity for pictures is very limited.

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