Tree roots & insurance claim

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Re: Tree roots & insurance claim

Post by jonahinoz » Tue Nov 03, 2015 9:54 pm


Where does the water from your tank go .... into a soakaway, or into a public sewer? If a public sewer, I believe the Water Company becomes responsible as soon as two foul drains become one.

Me? I would argue that your neighbour's roots caused damage to your half of the pipes, as well as his half, so he should share the expense with ... er ... himself.

I don't see root damage as "accidental", somebody is liable. If nobody is liable, then nobody could be sued for tree roots damaging a neighbours property. Either way, I don't see how you can be held responsible for what your neighbours roots do on your neighbours property. It might be a different matter if "root damage2 came under maintenance ... but then the insurers would refuse to be involved. Hmmm ... that means your neighbour's insurers have paid out for his negligence. Is that normal?

John W

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