roots and new building work !

roots and new building work !

Postby rootsnall » Mon Apr 25, 2005 3:16 pm

I have had various previous posts ( pre site crash ) about tree removal and a new build bungalow, so apologies if anybody is rehashing replies. I have now had all the potential problem trees on my site felled ( and replanted some ) and will be getting some heavy plant to come and remove various tree stumps in the next week or so. The last tree to be felled was a 60ft mature silver birch ( last week ), it is only 7-8ft from the intended foundations. The soil is about 50cm top soil, then 40cm almost pure sand, and then clay. The clay appears to have a higher plasticity than envisaged but to my knowledge there has never been any 'heave' in the area. I am going for an NHBC warranty and am worried their solution to the removed trees ( and possible 'heave' ) will be a bit overkill. If the tree and its roots are completely removed how long would it take for the water situation in the soil to settle down !? I don't understand why it wouldn't quickly settle down. Some of the info I have come across talks about it taking years.

Regards, Jonathan
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