Is This a Partridge?

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Re: Is This a Partridge?

Post by appledore » Sat Dec 22, 2018 4:16 pm

Hi Will. I hope you and hubs are well. I bet you thought I'd left the country. :lol: We've had a very busy few weeks moving house. We've thought about it for a long time, but we've done it at last. We have a small garden, but it's lovely.
We can't wait until the weather picks up and we can get out there. We have lots of shrubs in pots from our last house so we'll plant them and it'll be more like home. We have a garden room too, so we're looking forward to sitting in there when we get some furniture. We're waiting until the shops calm down a bit.

We asked the new people to feed Pirate and left some food. We couldn't bring him with us as we think he belongs to someone. We miss him though.

I expect you'll have finished your Christmas shopping now and be all ready for the big day. Christmas seems to be taking a back seat here this year as we have had so much to do with unpacking and getting sorted. We're spending Christmas Day with our family so we're looking forward to that. :D Are you going to visit hubby's mum?

I'm pleased you still have your visiting foxes and hedgehogs. We haven't seen many birds since we moved here, but we saw some blue tits the other day so we've hung some fat balls on one of the trees and hope they come back.

Happy Christmas to both of you and all the best for 2019.
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Re: Is This a Partridge?

Post by WILL*REMAIN*STRONG » Sun Jan 06, 2019 1:21 pm

Hi apples, and Happy New Year! I hope you are all doing very well.
I am thrilled to hear you have moved, and love your new home. A smaller garden will be much more manageable. And those birds will come, they just need to find all your feeders, it does take time.
I bet you do miss Pirate, he'll be ok, but I am sure will miss you a lot too!
I hope you had a lovely Christmas, what a great time of year to move. I would like that when we eventually move to a country home, be in just before Christmas. :D
We had an amazing time, CP was excellent. We stayed in the honeymoon lodge again, and have booked for next year. I am mourning Christmas, just want it back! I love every minute of the crimbo hols, and hate them coming to an end, such a long time before the next one. Oh I wish it could be Christmas everyday! :lol:
We are looking at booking another holiday now, but can't decide on where to go. Ireland is top of the list at the moment, just looking at whether to take car, or rent one there. I have always wanted to go to Southern Ireland, so hope we do go.
Our little Rudey is doing great, he has completed the next stage of mummy training..I am a complete sucker basically...he asks he gets...most of the time! LOL Bless him, he's such a happy boy, with cats you just want to spoil them..well any animal really. The foxes will be bonking soon, I have put my order in for 4 more cubs. It is Cookie the dominant male for a 2nd year, and his choice of female is between 3 as usual. I do hope he picks a mellow girly, because there is a skittish one, and last he picked the skittish one. But they do tend to calm down and brave up once cubs need feeding.
We have had goldcrest in the garden, still have bullfinch, thrilled to have a pair of nuthatches now and again. But I have only spotted the woodpecker once, need more of those. There are treecreepers, but no siskins yet. And I am still to spot a brambling here!
I can't wait to see some photos of your new home and garden, I do hope you are settling in well, and have nice neighbours this time.
We are off for a woodland walk now, I would like to go fishing, but hubby is still not into it. I will go next week.
Take care, hope to hear all about your new home and whether you have a garden full of birds yet...oh and a new feline visitor perhaps? :D

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Re: Is This a Partridge?

Post by appledore » Thu Feb 07, 2019 3:56 pm

Hi Will. Hope you and hubs and Mr. Puss are doing well.

We're settling into our new home. Hubby is settling in better than I am, but I'll get there. We were in our last house for twenty years which is a long time. We're getting some jobs done. We knew we needed a new gas boiler, sooner rather than later, but didn't realise how bad it was. It was held together with rust so had to be replaced straight away, and the garage door wasn't much better. We've replaced that too.

You're right about the garden, it will be much more manageable. Judging from your photographs It's about the same size as yours. There are lots of trees round us. The birds are starting to eat the fat balls. We don't have as many birds as we did in our previous house, but we've seen some blue tits, and there are starlings and blackbirds. The neighbours are nice.

I'm pleased you enjoyed CP and the honeymoon lodge. 8) You'll be looking forward to going back again. We haven't been to Southern Ireland. It's nice to go somewhere different.

We miss Pirate, and hope someone's looking after him. It sounds like Rudey has you wrapped round his little finger. Or maybe I should say little claw. :lol: We've seen three cats since we moved here. Big, ploddy cats.

What are the foxes up to?

I'll post some photos when we can get out in the garden and tidy it up a bit.
Keep calm and carry on.

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