Is This a Partridge?

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Re: Is This a Partridge?

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Hi Will. Hope you and hubs are well in these strange times. We're really fed up with it now. I expect you are too. We've just about got to the end of our store of toilet rolls, but the way things are shaping up I think we'll start hoarding again. :lol: Is hubby still working from home? Our son has to go into work occasionally, but he's mostly at home. He's enjoying not having to commute.

I expect you've seen your family now. It was lovely to see ours, and be able to give them a hug. We couldn't see our grandson on his birthday, but we skyped and sang happy birthday. He thought it was hilarious. :lol: Have you been on holiday?

Have you done much gardening? We've planted some more stuff. We've planted some climbers along the back fence. It's so different from our last garden. We go out to do some weeding, but we've finished before we've started.

How's Mr. Puss? We hadn't seen a cat in the garden, but one day when we were out for a drive we saw a lovely black and white cat trotting along. I said to hubby it would be good if we had a visiting cat, and when we got home there was a black and white cat in the garden. He's been back a couple of times, but we haven't stroked him yet. We've called him Felix. We often think about Pirate. We saw a grey squirrel in the garden the other day, but we haven't seen any hedgehogs. Then tend to leave a mess. We don't see many birds. Have you seen any fox cubs?

We go out grocery shopping, but we buy most other things online. It's horrible having to wear a mask. Even going to the hairdressers is hard work. I suppose it's better than not being able to go to the hairdressers. I kept cutting bits off my hair, but it didn't look to bad considering. :lol:

I hope you and your family stay safe. :D
Keep calm and carry on.
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Re: Is This a Partridge?


Hi apples, good to hear from you. I'm glad you are all doing well. :)
It must have been awful for you not being able to see and hug your grandchildren, it is a saving grace that people have things like Skype, but it isn't the same.

We are very well, including Mr Puss and finding these strange times we are in, well, moronic! :lol:
Let's face it, BOBO is an idiot and the ConQuakular party need to be sectioned. That being said, what on earth can we do other than some how put up with this scamdemic and all the lies being concocted by goodness knows WHO? :twisted:

We have been on a couple of short breaks, seen family, but we are uncertain about the Christmas hol. I knew back in May that they would use seasonal flu and the cold virus as an excuse to lock us all down by November time. You could put money on it. So we do hope we can go away, but are very doubtful at the same time. These 90% inaccurate scam tests, test for coronavirus, not Covid19. It is such a scam. You could talk about it all day couldn't you! But it won't change anything. Imbeciles are already stripping shelves in supermarkets. One thing worse than this awful government, is the sheeple brainwashed by them and the bias bull sh1t media. Grrr I swear you could make millions of sheeple walk off a cliff these days, what the hell are people on? :roll: :lol:

We have been doing a bit of gardening, we have just been getting all the last jobs done before winter.
We still have lots of foxes visiting, the cubs came late this year, they were quite big when we first saw them in the garden. We think there are two or three. We have had loads of hedgehogs, a rat is coming to the garden at the moment. :lol: I doubt it will last long as the foxes love a good rat butty. We have had mice visiting a lot, including a few babies running around. It's all on Fox Watch on YouTube, including a fox catching and eating a mouse.
We still have Nuthatch, they nested behind and have stuck around, we are so pleased about that. :D

I bet your garden is looking very lovely now, it looked great on the photos before. I think you'll soon have a cat visiting for some snacks if you are putting them out. :lol: Rudey sends a belly flop and kiss. He wouldn't leave you alone if you were our neighbour and feeding him. He's a little piggy.

Shopping is awful, the mask and one way system, queuing around at 2m apart. All pretty pointless. The staff in supermarkets we shop at have not been wearing masks, weren't wearing them in the height of the scamemic. Not one of them have been ill or died. Again, you could go on and on... :lol:
We shop online mostly, I hate shopping anyway, so it hasn't changed our shopping habits. I think it has been known that the high street and shopping centres have been slowly dying, this will tip it over the edge and be the final nail in its coffin. I think the plan is to make everyone do everything online, including socialising with family and friends. It is a very unhealthy world.

I never go to the hairdressers, I cut and dye my own hair. I can't stand the boring chat to be honest. :lol: I'd wear a wig before I would bother with the hairdressers. But then I'm a scruff. I would wear a tool belt before a handbag. :mrgreen:

So with not many plans, other than lockdown, my plan is to think about Christmas mostly. I can't wait!!!! :mrgreen: I know you feel the same, especially Mr apples. We might have to start early, because the next news will be that coronavirus is attracted to Christmas trees and hunts down houses with Christmas cheer. The fact that it can get you after 10pm, we might all need to start taping around windows and doors, as it can get into pubs and venues, I can't imagine how houses are any different? :wink:

Did you know cats and dogs have coronavirus? Perhaps we will be banned from having pets? I kiss Rudey all over his beautiful little face every day, I expect I must have it permanently and be a super spreader! I think with this virus being so intelligent that it is on a clock, maybe it can get down the wires and start infecting people through their devices too. Then what? How will we watch BOBO and the magic circus? Carrier pigeons will be hyper dangerous.

Stay safe apples, it is so dangerous out there with the common cold and corona cats around. Protect our non existent NHS. Keep up with the hourly coronavirus announcements as we know our lives have to be changed every five minutes and we can't miss out on the next face accessory we must wear...goggles and tin hat I am guessing. Most of all we must all stay stupid and cucked at all times. :lol: :wink:
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