Sycamone too close to house

Sycamone too close to house

Postby David Palmer » Wed Nov 24, 2010 11:52 pm

We have a Sycamore very close to our house that had a TPO placed on it 6 years ago when it was relatively small, before the house was built. It has now grown significantly and is drying out the garden which leads us to worry about the house and our neighbours are worried about it falling on their property since it is leaning. We applied to the Council to have it lopped or removed and they have turned this down and also further wont accept accept any responsibility if it causes damage even although they wont let us manage it.

The tree is less than 10m from our house and and 15m+ high

We have heard that there is European legistlation on this, which other people have used to overturn local council rulings ?

Any advice or help on how to deal with this would be gratefully received
David Palmer
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