Returning/not returning trimmings to neighbour

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Re: Returning/not returning trimmings to neighbour

Post by ukmicky » Sun Dec 03, 2017 12:04 am

despair wrote:Very clearly time the law was totally clarified because given all the charges being levied by council waste dumps its soon going to become a very hot potato ....there will be many neighbour disputes occuring when a neighbour is faced with big bills to dispose of all the arisings from neighbours trees and hedges and tons of leaves

Its time tree and hedge growers had to accept full responsibility all round for costs of cutting back and arisings disposal
Not really well thought out despair.

Our laws are such because it provides a balance between your rights and natures right. If your ideas were adopted the first thing that would happen is most people would cut everything down to prevent such a cost from arising and our cities would become devoid of trees, large bushes and hedges .

The second thing that would happen is most of the wildlife in our cities would die as the food chain collapses because most of the trees and vegetation has been removed.

The third thing that would happen is parliament would legislate to prevent us from removing our hedges , large bushes and trees in order to return our cities back to what they were like previously.
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Re: Returning/not returning trimmings to neighbour

Post by despair » Wed Nov 28, 2018 9:31 am


No one is suggesting your doomsday scenario but increasingly houses with tiny gardens are being built next to those with very large gardens and huge hedges and trees

Thus depending on prevailing winds the small garden is inundated by tons of leaves and possibly by overhanging branches

Equally the small garden and probably a struggling homeowner is faced with higher and higher costs of cutting back hedges

Thus becomes a very unequal situation

So i really cannot see why the costs of cutting hedges particularily should not be borne by the owner of the hedge and not by those whose space the hedge invades

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