neighbour (2 doors down) claiming my tree causing subsidence

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neighbour (2 doors down) claiming my tree causing subsidence

Post by treedefence » Sun May 08, 2011 10:31 am

Hi, s. I would really appreciate advice.
I bought my house back in december 2010. There is a lovely Ash tree which is over 20 meters high and 2.5 meters thick. The insurers of the neighbours who are 2 doors down have sent me a letter saying that my tree is implicated in subsidence to their property. they provided a load of 'scientific' looking documents with soil analysis and data from a bore hole which said that the sample contained 'fraxinus' routes which were my Ash tree. they say that if i don't cut it down then i may be liabile for future damage.
now, that tree has been there longer than any of us and is beautiful. also, i am worried that by doing what they say it will be like accepting liability and i really can't see that i am liable when i have no subsidence and my immediate neighbours on both sides have no subsidence. (we are all on a victorian terrace).

also, i don't have contents insurance (as i haven't yet moved in) but buildings insurance. Will i be covered? the insurers initially told me that i would be if there were a liability claim eventually. But i have received another letter from the neighbour's insurers saying that my insurers have told them i am not covered

i feel bullied into cutting down the tree. heresay is that the neighbours building was very badly built and that is why it is falling down. so if feel that the tree is being condemned unnecessarily.

please help!

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