leylandi type tree roots damaging my patio and drains

leylandi type tree roots damaging my patio and drains

Postby zebrafish » Tue Aug 02, 2011 1:05 pm

Hi all

I have a leylandi type tree fairly close to my patio, and a number of others further away. I like the trees as they provide privacy, so don't want to cut them down.

I've noticed my patio is cracking up, as well as sloping in one part. Whether the damage is caused by the tree roots or subsidence, I will need to redo the patio sooner or later. The added complication is that there is a drain within the patio, covered by a large concrete slab.

I would like advice on where to start and who i need to call in to:
dig up old patio;
repair drains and pipework if required;
take measures to prevent future subsidence;
carry out tree root maintenance to prevent it happening again. (I don't want to remove the tree/s)
lay new patio that will be more resilient to movement

Having had nothing but bad experiences with London tradespeople, i would like advice on where to start and which type of professionals to consult to get this matter sorted. At the moment, apart from cracks everywhere, nothing bad has happened, but i feel it's only a matter of time, because apart from the cracks, there is a line of discoloration on the patio from the drain cover down towards the edge of the patio, think it couldbe a slow leak.

Advice would be much appreciated
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