trees and neighbours once

trees and neighbours once

Postby jkkr » Tue Jun 26, 2012 9:29 pm

HI all
Back in 2006/7 had problems with neghbours tree roots causing damage to garage drains shed and greenhouse.All
proven that it was there roots that caused the damage,Trees were taken out new garage erected drains relined all
sorted, Thelast letter sent to the neighbours said they hoped they would now maintain their garden.
Our gardens are not big and the oak they planted while not near the garage
is growing big but the the trees they have planted on the border to my garage i would say about two feet away are begining to worry me.
My questions are what can i do now as i dont want the same thing to happen again,are they now they soley responable if any more damage is caused (as i dont want to have to pay out another£1000)
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