Neighbours, Overhang – and the Disposal of Cut-off Branches

Re: Neighbours, Overhang – and the Disposal of Cut-off Branc

Postby Anthony Westoby » Thu Aug 09, 2012 9:55 am

Sudynim wrote:
Anthony Westoby wrote:Hope I'm not going off piste but the cops probably get a lot of enquiries of this sort, trouble is, they're like everyone else and need a few years on Garden Law to get it right.

I too got the wrong advice from them in 2000, now I know better, after being given this site, so I don't disbelieve this poster.

I wasn't suggesting that the OP was being dishonest, only that the Constable was asserting imaginary powers.

I hesitate to criticise the police but they have human frailties like the rest of us and I have evidence of them being conned on two seperate occasions involving my RoW.

A good conman can also achieve imaginary powers insomuch as the simple production of LR docs can thwart a good coppers' attempts at getting to the truth. He's not trained in property law, that's the point and that's why changes need to be made to protect the general public (you and I) from these con artists.

These land - grabbers aren't here to help the police they're here to confuse them and use valuable police budgets and expensive court time to harass and intimidate ----------- this is what the police should be concerned with, not just the simple laws involved. (IMHO)

The harm they are protecting the public from shouldn't have to boil down to them preventing bloodshed ----- I am repeatedly told these situations are a 'Civil Matter' ------ what are we, then but civilians needing their protection from these bullies.
Trouble is, Sudynim, there is far too much emphasis on land ownership instead of civilian rights and the cops need to have a lecture from someone like 'Pilman' or 'Conveyancer' then they will have something to work from.

Even if it's all on line only for them to refer to instead of having to go back to the sergeant every time for clarification, chances are he or she won't have a clue either.

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