Boundary line trees

Boundary line trees

Postby shagmeister » Sun Jul 29, 2012 9:21 pm

Hello Peoples! I am seeking a little clarity on a line of 12 ash/alder trees that run along the boundary between my plot and that of next door. The trees are not shown on the deeds (the house is 20 years old and the trees predate this). I have owned the property since 1996 and it has always been asumed that the boundary line ran along this line of trees as the plot was not fenced along this boundary. As it was assumed the trees were joint owned (having read some posts on these pages saying this is not legally possible??) it has been common practice for myself to tend to the astetic issues of my side, next door theirs, and we both tend to their welfare. The owner ship of these trees is now in question, the copy of my plot supplied with the house do not specify any dimensions or locations (demonstrated by a 6x12ft area of unclaimed land between the 3 plots on this corner) how would be best to move fwd and establish owner ship as the boundary appears to be far from clearly defined. Any advice welcomed, thanks neal
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