Landlords trees

Landlords trees

Postby angelsww » Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:36 pm

Hi, My first post so firstly hello.

I am in a rented house by a housing association, they also own the land around my property.

At the rear of mine and neighbours house there are two huge Oak trees. These are old trees but not subject to TPO.

Both trees are in really bad condition. One more than the other but both in poor condition, with large branches falling off when it gets windy. The one right behind my house also has a split trunk which allows kids an easy lift straight over my 6 foot fence into my garden.

Two tree surgeons had a look at them (from the council) last year and they both said they were at the end of their life and should be brought down but the housing association say they have life in them yet and they dont want to take them down. They are an eye sore and even in mid summer are only partly covered with leaves.

I have asked them to be removed, 1, because of the height and I feel they are a danger to my children and pets with all the falling branches (some quite substantial)
and also the security risk to my property as I cant stop the local delinquents coming in.

Do i have any rights?
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Re: Landlords trees

Postby Roblewis » Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:55 pm

Have a talk with your local env. health people and get them to bring the HSE in. Refusal to listen to expert advice concerning tree safety could be a regulatory breach.
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