Trees, bushes and fobbing off

Re: Trees, bushes and fobbing off

Postby TO » Sat Jun 01, 2013 11:57 am


despair wrote:get 3 quotes to cut back to the boundary and remove arisings if theres (sic) no response from the owner go ahead get the work done and sue her
Then get counter sued for theft. But what are you suing them for in the first place, doing what you're perfectly entitled to do, that is your gardening?

Greenthumb wrote:The other alternative i'm considering is paying to go pick a solicitors brain. Maybe they can definitively tell me where I would stand regarding the arisings.
You've been told the definitive position.
TO wrote:you offer back the bits you have trimmed off to the owner. If they decline the offer you dispose of the bits and pieces in a responsible manner

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Re: Trees, bushes and fobbing off

Postby despair » Sat Jun 01, 2013 12:38 pm

"the trees and bushes extend 7ft into the Ops garden and are 15ft high down a 80-100ft border "

They cut back everything they could reach last year which was a mammoth task

Normal gardening is not the constant fight to cut back 100ft of 15ft high uncontrolled growth from a neighbours garden

The OP needs to try again to get the landlord or tenants co operation if that fails then they have 2 alternatives

cut it back themselves and return the arisings

or get quotes to cut back and warn the landlord they are considering filing a SCC to recover the costs

They may or may not win it will depend on the judge

but its pointless paying to see a solicitor when the cost of professional cutting back may be the same
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