Cut back to much

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Re: Cut back to much

Post by catapult1 » Wed Sep 11, 2013 8:07 am

doogydawg wrote:
kipper wrote:I'm not really sure what the question is here. :?
Ok, see if I can explain it a bit better, the tree trunk is half way in my next doors garden and a public foot path, which is not accessible due to major overgrowth, next doors fence runs up to the middle of the trunk then continues on the other side, if you imagine the fence cutting right through the trunk you will get an idea.
I rang the council to find out about the tree as well as sending them a photo and a google image of it from above so they could see the layout of the gardens etc.
They told me it was nothing to do with them it was the builders of the house who were responsible for the tree,
Now my house was built by barrets, next door was persimmon , and the other house was wimpy,(see T junction above) and none want to take responsibility for it,
Since the tree is half way in my next doors garden where do I stand, I asked a landscaper who was doing some work on our garden to trim back the tree to our boundary fence as it was damaging one of our garden sheds roof,
I went out for the day and when I came home, he had cut the branches right back to the trunk, past my boundary fence, which next door who has half the trunk in their garden were not to happy,
Where do I stand with this, I asked for the tree branches to be trimmed, but the landscaper took it right back.
Could next door take action against me,
Also since the council said that it was nothing to do with them, could their still be a preservation order on it ? Which would make it even worse because it was taken back to trunk.

Who onws or has responsibility for the overgrown path? Barrets, Persimmons or Wimpy? Contact each of them and find out then get them to clear the path.

Has the neighbour complained about the cutting of the tree? As it is on his boundry it might be his anyway.

How wide is the gap between your boundry and the neighbours boundry? and what area of the country are you? (south coast, north east sort of thing)
My answers are not of a legal nature, only what I consider to be common sense.

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Re: Cut back to much

Post by Sudynim » Sun Sep 29, 2013 4:32 pm

doogydawg wrote:
kipper wrote:If the diagram is in gif, jpg, jpeg, png or bmp format then you should be able to upload it to photobucket from the ipad and post the link on here.
I have no drawing app that I know of on my daughters ipad
sketch it at ?

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Re: Cut back to much

Post by arborlad » Fri Jun 08, 2018 2:45 pm

doogydawg wrote:
Thu Sep 05, 2013 9:59 pm

The centre of the T is a public right of way, even though it is over grown with nettles etc. good old barrets planning for

Is this the same land as in this thread: ... =6&t=21222
arborlad confuses people

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