Neighbours overhanging branches disagreement

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Re: Neighbours overhanging branches disagreement

Post by COGGY » Thu Feb 20, 2014 6:33 pm

When we had a silver birch tree cut down in our garden a friend with a woodburner was pleased to take the wood. In fact he came really quickly and gave us a bottle of wine. :)

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Re: Neighbours overhanging branches disagreement

Post by Sudynim » Thu Feb 20, 2014 10:51 pm

arsie wrote:
Coniferman wrote:So there is a difference of opinion even on here it seems....

At least even with a difference of opinion amongst such knowledgeable experts in this field, it still gives me hope for striking up a compromise with my neighbour. It's a pity I couldn't find the definitive answer here.
Coniferman, two things I would say.

The only expert comment here is by Treeman - short and to the point: if your tree isn't causing damage you are legally in the clear.

The varied opinions from us amateurs about how to act to be neighbourly are to be expected - there is no 'definitive answer' to this.

The law is clear and your understanding of it is correct. How neighbourly you want to be, in terms of expense, is your call. It will cost a fair few £hundreds for professionals to carry out this surgery on your tree. The off-cuttings are legally yours whoever organises the work. If your neighbour wants to remove any branches on his side, he is legally allowed to do so. But the off-cuts are your property - it's your tree. The neighbour is supposed to offer the off-cuts to you. If you refuse them, as you may, they are then the neighbour's responsibility for disposal. Often the tree professionals will take them away.

Whether and how much you contribute to the costs in this is entirely at your discretion.

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