TPO and works to trees in a Conservation Area

Re: TPO and works to trees in a Conservation Area

Postby Treeman » Sun May 18, 2014 12:54 pm

loftspace wrote:My letter from the LA is clear: "if you do not hear from the council within the 6 weeks time frame then your application is deemed to have been granted."

Your other point that all pruning damages a tree. I feel you are extrapolating. Cutting ones toe nails is not in itself damaging but severing a digit is.

Under guidance from the tree officer, I illustrated on a picture of said tree, what pruning was going to be carried out.

Any way thanks everyone for your views and advice.

As I said, some authorities would like you to think otherwise. You seem to be a subscriber.

You cant compare toenails to trees but the finger analogy is accurate enough
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