Living with a TPO

Living with a TPO

Postby pudding » Sun Aug 17, 2014 3:09 pm

Just looking for a bit of advice really. I am in the process of buying a property in a village. The garden is side on to the road and has both an Ash and an Oak along it's boundary, both within three feet of the boundary and both fairly mature. The garden boundary consists of six foot high fence panels. The Ash is within 25 feet of the house, the tree comprises of twin trunks, which look to be around ten inches in diameter, and is growing around a telegraph pole which is on the pavement next the boundary. The Oak is around 55 feet from the property, and trunk diameter is around 20 inches. We have been told there are no TPO's attached to these trees, but believe it is highly likely that the Oak has a TPO, due to the controlling council being in favour of them.

If there are TPO's attached to these trees, how do we deal with issues surrounding the pavement and road being kept clear of the overhanging branches, and the same with the telegraph pole. What other things should we be aware of regarding rights and responsibilities of having a tree with a TPO.
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Re: Living with a TPO

Postby ukmicky » Sun Aug 17, 2014 6:31 pm

Firstly if you are concerned you need to find out if it has a TPO so make enquires at the council.

if it has ask the council if they concerned about the danger to the public due to the roots lifting the pavement or the branches getting in the way of the pavement and if so what work will they allow you to do. In the end you would simply speak to the council and give them the choice as to what is the preferred reasonable course of action.

If there was a real danger the law allows you to take action anyway.

Also Statatory providers like BT have exemptions allowing then to work on trees with TPOs if they interfere with their equipment.
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