Neighbour reduced my bay tree to a stump without my permissi

Neighbour reduced my bay tree to a stump without my permissi

Postby Catfish » Tue Sep 02, 2014 5:25 pm

I share a building with two other flats. We share a small front garden which I have looked after for 16 years - ever since I moved in. I came home last night to discover my beautiful bay tree (a moving-in present from my mum) had been pruned back so severely that all that remains is a two foot stump.

The work was carried out by contractors hired by the agent of the owner of another flat in my building.

We live in a conservation area and that tree provided me and many of my neighbours with a constant supply of bay leaves. It also gave me a modicum of privacy, of which I have now been deprived. The work done is not, in my opinion, in accordance with good horticultural practice. The also left a mess, including in my private area.

Is there anything I can do about this, or do I just have to wait for it to regrow? I feel that my living space has been transformed in a way that I don't like, without my consent or even knowledge. Has my neighbour committed any offence (eg criminal damage) or is she just a rude git?
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