TPO on neighbour's oak tree

TPO on neighbour's oak tree

Postby cornflakethecat » Fri Sep 02, 2016 11:20 am

Hello everyone, I hope someone can give me some advice regarding a problem that we have with our next door neighbour's oak tree, this is the situation.

The neighbours have a oak tree in their garden which is about 50 years old. The tree is very close to our boundary and the trunk will soon start to push through the fence as it grows. The tree is doing what oaks do and spreading all over our garden, more so than the neighbour's garden and we do not want to be covered by this massive thing.

Ten years ago, the neighbour's had a small extension and that's when the loony council found out about the tree and slapped a TPO on it. The reason for this they said, was that there are not many in the area. Well it's a housing estate and there's one directly opposite and a few others dotted around and the New Forest is 5 minutes away and that's full of them. We do not feel that average, suburban gardens is the best place for an oak tree.

We get on with the neighbours quite well but they seem unwilling to do anything about the situation, it does not affect them as much as it affects us. I approached them about contacting the council to find out if the TPO could be removed, so that it would be easier and cheaper to control the tree. They agreed to this and some woman from the council came round, looked at the tree, said we could cut back two meters and left again.

We have offered to chip in with the cost of the cutting back and the neighbours said they'd get quotes but that was months ago and nothing has happened. Nobody cares much about the tree, there is nothing special about it, it's a burden and we want to be able to control it, if not get rid of it.

I'm wondering what to do next. Is it possible to get the TPO removed? Is it possible to get any sense out of a local authority and what about the neighbours? We don't want to fall out with them, what can we do if they decide not to bother trimming the tree? Do we have to let this oak spread all over our property?

I would be so grateful for any thoughts or advice that anyone can give.
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Re: TPO on neighbour's oak tree

Postby TO » Fri Sep 02, 2016 1:35 pm


cornflakethecat wrote: Is it possible to get the TPO removed?
Yes. Apply to fell the tree. Of course even if consent is granted you will not be able to implement it without the agreement of the neighbour.
cornflakethecat wrote:Is it possible to get any sense out of a local authority
Yes. Speak to them about the tree and what would be acceptable works to it in order to resolve the problems you are experiencing because of it.
cornflakethecat wrote:what can we do if they, [the neighbours], decide not to bother trimming the tree?
Nothing. It's their tree and they can do with it as they see fit, subject to the Councils consent.
cornflakethecat wrote:Do we have to let this oak spread all over our property?
Clearly not. The Council have already said that you could prune it back 2m.

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