Trees pruned and branches dumped on my side of the fence!

Trees pruned and branches dumped on my side of the fence!

Postby Bullethead » Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:23 pm

At the bottom of my garden is an access road which forms part of my property. The bottom of the garden and my adjoining neighbours' gardens have the boundary marked out by a fence belonging to the property behind. The garden of the property behind contains a number of very mature leylandii which overhang the fence. That isn't the problem. A couple of weeks ago I heard the sound of chainsaws and realised my rear neighbours were cutting down, or at least cutting back, their leylandii. I then found that I couldn't open my garage door. On walking round on the outside I discovered that a load of quite dense and heavy branches have been left on my property blocking access to my garage. I went round to speak to the householder behind. She was apologetic and said she didn't realise the workmen had left the branches there because she can't she that from her side of the fence. She then told me she would tell the workmen but they weren't due back for another week. Luckily my car isn't trapped in the garage - and if they were to return in a week and clear all the branches away then that would be that. But it's been a fortnight now with no sign of the workmen returning. In addition to dumping branches on someone else's private property, they have also left severed branches still up in what's left of the trees. These branches could fall and injure anyone standing in the vicinity. I tried the council but they're not interested on the grounds that it's private property. My concern now is that that the workmen won't return and I'm now left with my garage blocked with heavy leylandii branches and the hazard of loose branches falling at the bottom of my garden!!! As far as I'm concerned this needs to be put right by the owners of the property - It's their trees, they've cut them, they've fly tipped some of the waste, and they've created a hazard. If they refuse to put this right, what's my recommended course of action?
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Re: Trees pruned and branches dumped on my side of the fence

Postby Collaborate » Mon Jul 17, 2017 5:16 pm

Get a quote for clearing the debris and give her 48 hours to arrange its removal otherwise you'll pay for it to be done and seek reimbursement from her.

As for the dangerous branches, you could either make it safe yourself or sue her for the cost of repairing any damage if it occurs.
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Re: Trees pruned and branches dumped on my side of the fence

Postby jdfi » Mon Jul 24, 2017 7:39 am

Obviously get lots of photos.

I would maybe have one final 'polite' conversation with her, maybe phoning the contractor together?

But yes, 48 hours notice seems fair in the circumstances.
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