Gigantic bamboo on property boundaries

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Gigantic bamboo on property boundaries

Post by Cedar » Sun Jul 29, 2018 10:11 am

Hello everyone! Could you please help!
We have a problem with neighbors’ gigantic (6-7m high) bamboo “hedge”, planted a few years ago along our garden fence.
All the dry leafs and other rubbish, it constantly shreds, fly into our garden and cover all the ground and our plants and trees. The garden looks very untidy soon as our gardener cleans it up, which is not easy, as the leaves are everywhere and it takes lots of time for him to tidy the ground reasonably well, especially between the shrubs and trees, just to see it covered in all this mess a couple of hours later again. We are so upset and frustrated to have this problem all year round, which stops us to even look at that part of our garden, let alone enjoy it. Our plants are also suffering of moisture deprivation and look unsightly. Half of our gardener visit we pay just to clean all this mess up. We are thinking to put the house on the market in a few years time, but think this issue will effect the value of our property or/and will drive the buyers away.
We don’t know what we can do to solve this nuisance in most civilised manner, as our Arab neighbours are very difficult to deal with. We’ve tried to talk to them about a few ongoing issues before, but my husband is reluctant to repeat the experience anymore.
Could you please help us with your advice, what is the best way to resolve this problem. Many thanks

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Re: Gigantic bamboo on property boundaries

Post by TO » Sun Jul 29, 2018 4:19 pm

There's nothing you can do except discuss it with your neighbour and agree a solution.

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