Sycamore in neighbour's garden

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Sycamore in neighbour's garden

Post by Marshall » Mon Mar 07, 2005 11:19 am

Our neighbour (to the south of us) has a number of mature trees in their small garden. 2 in particular cause us an issue as they grow right on the boundary (about 2 metres from our house) and block light to our patio and one of our bedrooms. The shade also causes moss to grow on our roof and reduces the light in our sitting room. Both of these trees have preservation orders on them, but have been pruned in the past.

I have spoken to the Tree officer at our council and applied to have one reduced and the other reduced and thinned. This is work the Tree officer thinks needs to be done. The neighbour is refusing to carry any of the cost and is now not wanting us to thin the sycamore as he says it will give them a view of our house. He is fine with us reducing the height of the trees.

I don't want to fall out with him. I also am looking for a diplomatic solution. Any ideas?

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Post by Treeman » Mon Mar 07, 2005 4:27 pm

Unfortunately for you the owner of the trees holds all the good cards in this hand.

Fundamentally trees do not need pruning. Left to themselves they are self optimising entities and good at what they do.

People need trees pruning so when you quote the TO as saying they need pruning what he probably had in mind was that the pruning would make it easier for all of you to live with the trees.

That being said you cannot force the owner of the trees to prune them unless damage is occurring and similarly the owner of the land does not have to allow you access to the land to carry out the works. The consent under the TPO is simply that and does not constitute consent to do the works.

The owner of the trees is stretching a point with the thinning work unless it benefits you as well. They could hold this as a condition of access if they were so inclined.




Post by cyberpuzz » Wed Mar 09, 2005 12:23 pm

Hello, I read your discussion with interest.

I am currently trying to sort out a tree issue - I live in a cluster of 10 maisonettes with plots of garden at the rear of the houses. Behind our garden is a huge (as big as the house) possibly cypress tree..and its trunk is on the edge of our boundary. While making our garden all nice we sweated over pulling out so many tree roots, many of which had to be sawn off!!

We have now established that this belongs to one of the maisonettes (we thought it may be common land) and are embarking on a mission to get them to have treework carried out as the tree towers over our garden blocking much sun and draining the soil of all its moisture, killing our lawn.

Good luck on your own mission and I will keep you infomed of mine!

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