how near advice

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how near advice

Post by lambls » Wed Jun 01, 2005 8:32 am

I hope someone can advise me, I have had a consevatory built, it is only a standard size, 10 x 12, planning permission was completed.

Prior to its installation I cleared the patio area and plants on the borders, this included a choya that was about 4ft high and round, when this was removed it was obviously growing under the fence and into my neighbours garded, I dug out the plant from my side, and my neighbour did not like this because the piece that was her side was now falling over, she has removed this now.

To cut a long story short she has now planted a flowering cherry or crab apple tree within 6inches to 1ft away from the fence, the fence is 1ft away from my newly built conservatory, ok the tree is small now, but will surely grow and will cause a problem with light, leaves and blossom will possibly block the gutters when the fall, but will the roots be invasive, does anyone know how invasive.

I will speak to my neighbours but cannot at the moment as they have gone on holiday, what other actions should I complete.

Please advise

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