Do Garden Activities Benefits Elderly?

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Do Garden Activities Benefits Elderly?

Post by Bernardrichii » Tue Feb 20, 2018 11:24 am

Hello Everyone,

I am newbie here. I am caregiver by professional.Just want to ask Do garden Activites Benefits Elderly Healthwise.If yes, what are the benefits of garden activities for Elderly people.

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Re: Do Garden Activities Benefits Elderly?

Post by Frede » Tue Mar 06, 2018 1:17 pm

Hi Bernardrichll

I am not a professional, just an older lady whom you might describe as elderly, etc., (one could say I am professional in being an older lady) but forget any description in relation to old. I am sound of mind and limb, do not like to be typecast as it engenders a behaviour pattern that I really would prefer not to receive. However, on the phone, as soon as I have said my age the attitude changes and phrases of, "Oh! bless you" etc., comes along and I put the phone down or reach for the sick-bag.

However, to get to your point, should gardening be an interest of anyone, not just older ladies, it is beneficial to keep active whether it be gardening or whatever. Gardening, if one enjoys seeing a tidy garden, and what has been planted come into being with the additional advantage of, getting fresh air, taking an interest in what's going on around then it is clearly beneficial. One just follows common-sense, using gardening gloves, kneelers, keep active generally so bending down is easier, etc. The elderly, as you describe, can generally stave off many things with a healthy diet, keeping brain and body active and forgetting about age. Certainly the Government seems to think so as the retirement age has increased and eventually the elderly might have to work into their 70's before they get their pension. What I say is let's not typecast people because of ageing - more, as with younger people, encourage a good diet, exercise, healthy mind and healthy body.

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